海外体验本田S2000:本田大法 法力无边

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The "sports car" that ordinary people perceive is actually a collection of a variety of models, including GT, muscle car, coupe and other types, style and performance orientation are different. And if it is said that the "Roadster", which was first popular in the UK, literally means "small road car", it is specifically referred to as a two-seater convertible. For the Roadster, our impression is that the shape is good, the handling is better, the driving pleasure is good, and it is most suitable for two people to go to the mountains, the forest or the seaside to enjoy the ride when the weather is good. But often do not win fast, on the dynamic performance is often not the same price of the Hot Hatch and Pony Car opponents.

So if we look at the models of the second gold period of the Roadster in the late 1990s, among the cheap brands, the MX-5 (NB) is low with 110 horses and the high with only 140 horses; the MG F is low with 120 horses and the high with 146 horses. They can't even run faster to buy a food truck. Even the luxury brand players are just the edge of the performance car BMW Z3 low with 118, with 150 in the middle, with 193 high; Alfa Romeo Spider low with 144, with 155 in the high, with 200 horses; Lotus Elise is 138 horses low, with 160 horses in the middle, 195 horses in the high, and only 204 horses in the Porsche Boxster.


xx因此,当本田在1999年4月推出最大马力为240马力的S2000时,跑车的刻板印象完全被打破了。更令人大笑的是S2000达到240马力(177kW),只有2.0升自然吸气式发动机。事实上,“S2000”这个名字是双关语,这意味着两千年将很快到来。它也指位移(2000cc),这也意味着S2000创造了大规模生产的自然吸气式发动机的功耗记录,直到十一年之后,法拉利458并未打破这一记录。然而,S2000的价格只是458的一小部分。当它在2000年上市时,S2000正式售价仅为32,000美元,类似于BMW Z3 2.3,仅为150.更令人惊奇的是它的燃料消费。根据美国环保署的官方数据,S2000每100公里的油耗仅为11.8升,比不那么强劲的BMW Z3(2.5和2.8升排量)低5%。



For the fourth consecutive year, S2000 won the "Top 10" car selected by "Car and Driver". It ranked first in the "Top Gear" audience questionnaire for three consecutive years. It was rated as the top five all-around sports car by "Road and Track" and was rated by "Jalopnik". For the ten-year-old car, it has entered the list of "Edmunds" favorite cars for three consecutive years. Even on the eve of the delisting in 2008 and 2009, it was rated as the best affordable sports car by US News. The F20C engine used in it has also been selected as the top 10 engine for the second consecutive year. It has been rated as the world's best engine by the UKI for 1.8-2.0 liters for five consecutive years. What is even more commendable is that the S2000 has been listed as the most reliable premium sports car by JD Power for three consecutive years and has remained in the top three throughout the product cycle.


What allowed Honda to do all this was VTEC's variable valve lift technology.

In the era when electronic technology was still very limited in engines, Honda switched between small cams and large cams through a hydraulically controlled piston associated with the speed, which was equivalent to assembling two camshafts in one engine. Or to combine two engines with completely different characteristics. Therefore, on the one hand, the short-intake time in the conventional mode ensures the fuel economy of daily driving, and on the other hand, the engine can erupt at a power climax by increasing the intake time at 6000 rpm or more. Therefore, this engine was able to reach the red line at 8800 rpm, and the oil was cut off at 9000 rpm. The maximum horsepower reached 240 horses, which is similar to the V6 engine of 3 liters or more.

xx而我这次试驾的S2000,则是2004 2006年款。年中期改款时,本田针对美国高速巡航的需求,单独将美国版本的发动机更换为F22C1,排量增大了160cc,最大扭矩增大了6%,达到220牛米,但因为红线转速也同时降低到8000转,最大马力保持不变,所以升功率是有所降低的。此外,全球车型都对轮胎和悬挂进行了改进。







XXOf course, if you only look at the level of power, the S2000 is not so bad today. Among the cars I have driven, the Porsche Boxster, the Ford Mustang 2.3T and even the Tesla Model 3 have similar horsepower weight ratios, while the latter two have much lower torques, especially for the Model 3 motor. The instantaneous dynamic response that is achieved, so there is also a better 01 acceleration than the S2000.


But if it comes to driving pleasure and driving passion, the S2000 will beat the Mustang and Model 3, and even exceed Boxster. why?

The first is the S2000's extremely special "power burst at 6000 rpm". Generally, the naturally aspirated engine is more linear in power, and because the more the pedaling power is higher, the advantage is that it has more stamina, but it often lacks the explosiveness of the turbocharged engine. VTEC is like starting a turbine at 6000 rpm, and this "turbine" has no lag, and because there is no "premature ejaculation" problem because it is close to the red line. After the low-medium speed mediocre power, this explosion is particularly fierce, and because the original horsepower has been steadily increasing with the speed, this explosion is like a climax above the climax, which will directly push the adrenaline to the top.


It also benefits from its near-perfect handling characteristics. Whether it's steering, shock absorption, or body dynamics, the S2000 presents a very lively yet extremely confident state. The is extremely uniform, extremely balanced and extremely good.

xxIts steering feel may be the best in the car I have ever driven. The first impression of getting started may be a bit imaginary and a bit light, and the straight line is easy. But once you start to turn, you will find that its pointing is extremely precise, and the steering ratio is small enough to complete the turning operation very quickly and accurately. At the same time, the positive moment is also just right with the angle and the speed gain. In the case of larger corners and higher speeds, the steering force will be obviously increased, just like an elastic safety barrier, ensuring intense control. Confidence.


The S2000 uses a front center rear drive arrangement. Compared to a common front-mounted rear drive, its engine center of gravity falls behind the front axle, making the weight distribution ratio infinitely close to 50:50. However, this car was still considered by many to have a slight understeer, and it was more balanced after the mid-2004 revision of the tire and the kingpin inclination. I tried several times to do a big throttle operation in the center of the bend, and the situation of pushing the head or the tail was not seen at all, and the posture was kept stable.



Its suspension system is equally excellent. The front and rear suspensions of the S2000 are classic sports to the independent suspension double wishbone structure. This set of things is very stable first, even if it is a high-speed cornering, the roll is very slight, and the four wheels have always maintained a fairly good grip. When encountering a large pothole, the shock absorption is sufficiently tough and does not cause excessive impact. But at the same time, it can pull the body, the fluctuation is not large, the rebound is fast and there is no extra aftershock, which gives people full confidence. It does transmit a relatively small number of shattered vibrations, and there will be a relatively small number of small bounces, but the degree seems to be just as good as it is, not too annoying, and the car retains enough road feel and is more lively.






一般来说,S2000比之前我所拥有的保时捷Boxster更加生动和热情。 Boxster的车身更加坚固,底盘更加内敛于精细弹跳,而且高速巡航更加舒适,但它看起来会比S2000更加坚固,特别是转向感会更加笨重,感觉不错转弯远没那么轻。它更像是一辆“大车”,而且由于隔音效果更好,发动机的速度也有偏差,更强劲,但不是那么热。

在我之前十多年的驾驶经验中,驾驶乐趣的汽车仍然细分为低速驾驶乐趣。例如,MINI Cooper和高速有趣的,如宝马,保时捷和最新一代福特野马。然而,S2000是第一款在高速和低速都有趣的车。高速足够稳定,有信心。当你在红线上时,它就足够了。而低速感觉非常活跃,良好的转身和喜欢转身,你可以继续失去极限。



虽然它的外观和内饰也很好地协调,但精致和等级不如梅赛德斯 - 奔驰宝马小跑,更不用说保时捷Boxster了。这可能是它在性能和驾驶乐趣方面优于竞争对手的原因,但只能出售相同甚至更低的价格。



可能从2014年初开始,停产五年后,S2000在美国的二手价格开始上涨。我测试的S2000车主在2016年以18,000美元的价格购买。尽管它在三年内增加了很多里程,但今天的市场价值至少为25,000美元。原因在于,一方面,这款发动机不仅功率出众,而且非常有特色。整车的机械质量也体现了本田在20世纪90年代顶峰时的卓越表现。另一方面,这款车就是跑车。 “它非常可靠。虽然它们中的大部分里程都超过十年,行驶里程超过10万公里,但维护仍然只是定期换油。它远远优于奢侈品牌。它也是真正。”可以玩和玩。


如果我最近刚刚购买了MINI Cooper S,我真的想收集一款S2000金融产品。它仍然如此迷人。你想要什么?